Saturday, 6 October 2012

I'm back!!

So I've been on hiatus for like 4 months and I'm sooooo sorry! I've been busy with uni, work, and just everything going on in my life. So much has changed since I last posted.
I coloured my hair lighter, then after the hairdresser dyed it yellow, she lightened it a lot to fix it.

Then I coloured my hair a really dark reddy brown colour. I love this colour. The only downside is that you can see split ends really easily in dark hair, and I feel like the dye has dried my hair out a lot. It feels a lot drier than it did when it was blonde. 

I have completely redecorated my room and I will upload photos when it's finished. I'm so excited about it, it looks so good!
I've turned 20 and it's so weird when anyone asks my age, I still feel like a teenager, and I probably still act like one too lol. 
I finish uni for the year in a few weeks so I'll have plenty of time to update with new make up looks and general posts. 

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